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happywork Aug 11

steel wood interior door release amount required by GB18580, harmful substances contained in the adhesive limit shall not exceed GB in 18583, the paint limit of harmful substances shall not exceed the requirements of GB18581.     3. steel wood interior door door clearance between the steel wood interior door door lock and bolt should be less than or equal to 3mm, lap width between the

door and the door of the joint surface should be greater than 7mm, the edge of the door and door hinge clearance should be less than or equal to 4mm. 4. steel door inspection of wood doors, steel, wood door products are divided into two types of factory inspection and type inspection. When any of the factory inspection fails to meet the eligibility criteria, it can be adjusted and repaired until the standard

requirements are met. Type inspection is required in the case of new product design, identification of process, material, etc., which may affect the performance of the product and cause a major quality accident.     conclusion: the above is the standard for classification and house steel wood interior door introduce, we hope to help. More windows knowledge, welcome to continue reading

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