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happywork Aug 17

To the building energy-saving technology as the driving force, window structure, open the form and form the structure of technological transformation and innovation. Change the single building deck on existing patio sliding window type, the development of flat open, especially the composite window and multi-function window. Improve the high sealing window ventilation and safety performance, the development of heat efficient and efficient energy-saving luxury aluminum windows and luxury multi-functional categories of products.

Doors and windows and curtain wall complete sets of technology. Development of multi-functional series, each with a regional characteristics of the set of products; to improve the quality of supporting accessories, varieties, performance, a greater breakthrough; to establish aluminium sandwich panel manufacturing brand-name products, boutique market advantages; development of diversified, multi-level energy-saving products, industrial production system. Solar energy development and utilization technology. Building doors and windows and building curtain wall to change the negative thermal insulation of a single energy-saving technology concept.

We should combine energy saving and rational use of solar energy, underground heat (water) energy, wind energy, and develop energy and energy and energy (using solar energy, cold energy, wind energy, geothermal energy) combined doors and windows and curtain wall products.

Improve the doors and windows and curtain wall installation technology. Improve the doors and windows and curtain wall structure and hardwood terrace decking wholesale Norway the envelope of the integration of energy-saving technology to improve the overall energy-saving effect of the wall. Focus on doors and windows, curtain wall anchoring and filling technology and the use of solar energy, aerodynamic energy-saving technology. Development of chemical building materials industry policy and building energy-saving technology policy is to guide China's construction doors and windows and curtain wall industry, an important policy basis for development, will be the industry's product technology development, have far-reaching impact, it is necessary to cause industry-wide colleagues attach great importance to grasp Opportunities to adapt to market changes, to develop energy-saving products, which is Minimalist House Design with Roof Deck Images the purpose of this article look forward to.