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Pine flooring with natural turf is very popular, then how to match the furniture? In fact, pine flooring most Scandinavian style, you choose furniture, we must pursue unity in this regard. In this room, bright colors, high color purity accessories such as vases, decorative paintings, and simple style, straight lines of furniture are reflected in a healthy, clear, natural Nordic style.mold resistant composite decking

Of course, the rugged wood is more indoors to add a natural breath. White floor is a big fashion, but how should the furniture with it? This is a white floor smooth lines, rich modern flavor. Select the furniture, the owner did not dogma to choose white with. Black metal feet high chair is very trendy and has a design taste, echoed with the floor, both modern avant-garde, no alternative or frivolous, very uniform style.Deck Box With Composite Lumber

Dark floor for many people love, but the furniture is very difficult to match, theoretically should be equipped with dark furniture, but for most Chinese people, a single living room area is not a big general study, small bedroom, if coupled with Dark furniture to feel more depressed, small.anti swelling planter box decking finland

Although only 5,6 square meters in this case, but with a white door, shoe and light-colored sofa, plus plenty of sunshine in the room, so it does not seem narrow, but also in color with us Imagine as uncoordinated, otherwise new. In this design, the choice of furniture to simple and modern, and its lively style and the floor of the lines echoed, forming a modern, simple, full of dynamic bright style. Color flooring is the most popular floor of the spring. Simple blue color wood flooring with white sofa, blue children's chair, lively children's room immediately filled with a pleasant atmosphere.supplier composite plastic wood panels in iceland

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